about the lost

                           the lost are the dreamers, the creatives, the thinkers, the wanderers, the soul searchers. Making a conscious effort not to become caught up in the negative aspects of the world, quietly rejecting the mold society has built, pushing boundaries, and living with unapologetic authenticity. They are the gypsy hearts craving freedom and chasing their dreams with untethered passion. Filled with joy, loving deeply with their souls open to the world and all its imperfect perfection.
Choosing to be lost in the glorious whirlwind, wonder, and beauty of life that exists in abundance to those who seek it.


about Lou

           Introductions always feel awkward to me. I struggle with the surface level fluffery, small talk makes me uncomfortable...and I'm terrible at it. I don't want to talk about the weather, I want to talk about what makes our hearts come alive, what our deepest passions are, to discover the truths at our cores. As a photographer, that is what I do. With mirror and glass I can connect with you in a way far deeper and lasting than with words alone. I can see all the way to your beautiful soul. 

Photography opened my world. It gives me purpose, a reason and desire to explore the world. And more than anything drives me to break out of my introverted shell and connect with the amazing, beautiful women around me. My focus is on artistry and emotion, I have little love for the technicalities. I know the rules and love to break them. If we all did exactly the same thing all the time, how dull life would be. I revel in movement, in authentic beauty, and in imperfection; because life is beautifully imperfect.